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Just wondering what the best procedure would be for the below

I was working atc at ksan when a GA aircraft called in for landing,  a little time after that a jet called in for landing think it was a 737, as they closed towards final it was obvious a conflict was going to occur probably before landing or best case seperation loss on the runway.  I gave the GA aircraft a go around and handed back to departure,  is there a better option given there is no hold command,  could i simply have manually vectored into a  hold and rolled it behind the jet traffic,  only issue there is the potential of another jet entering behind causing the same issue,  thanks for any advice . In the real world it would no doubt be a break off final and a vector to a wide base behind the jet i guess or a hold somewhere perhaps i could do that but its a bit limited due to lack of speed commands




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25 minutes ago, Sky King said:

Perhaps a series of "turn to" headings? Or try "Callsign, Enter left pattern runway 9"? IRL, at KSAN there is the occasional Go Around due to the single runway. Plane spotting there is fun seeing how squeezed traffic can be there....

you show see the traffic this morning with the RVR changing fast it's hard to get the planes out

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Yes thats true i was referring to ksan though which is one runway,  remembering back to my flying days when landing at my local airport it was common to either hold or approach would request a vector off final and allow the jet traffic to over take and land then the slower  traffic either tracked back for a straight in or joined base depending on wake turbulence requirements, i miss those days lol, cheers



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