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simconnect PMDG variable intstead of FSUIPC offset

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Hello Peter,

I have recently purchased an FSC motorised TQ.

The TQ works well but does not recognise the full range of the reversers when deployed and the throttles sometimes don't return to full idle after small movements such when taxiing.

I use FSX and W7.

Can you help please.








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19 minutes ago, Dicko said:

"The problem is that he's using the standard FSUIPC offets for throttles.

But in FSUIPC reverser are -4096

In PMDG reverser are -16383

The FSC support person is wrong and understands little it seems.

The max reverse FSUIPC sends is the max reverse allowwd by FS, which by default in 25%, as defined in the Aircraft.CFG file.  If it were 50% then that -4096 would be scaled to -8192, and so on. But 25% tends to be the normal limit.

The -16383 that support person refers to is NOT the FS throttle value at all, it is the default range of Windows-calibrated axis inputs, which run -16384 to +16383. In that range, for throttles, -16384 is in fact ZERO thrust (0), and reverse is simply not allowed for!

PMDG aircraft throttle control do not allow for -ve throttle -- they do reverse differently.

Many folks are using FSUIPC assignment, and even the full reverse facility, but in general you need to assign throttle control to the Axis Throttle Set controls, and NOT calibrate them, then assign reversers to the separate Reverser controls.



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10 hours ago, Dicko said:

I am not that technically minded so TQ runs using a driver. So in this instance the driver software from FSC needs to be changed?

No.  You can assign throttle normally, in the way I said. You can calibrate in FSUIPC, but PMDG aircraft in particular might not play nice -- they tend to read the joystic directly themselves, and it can conflict. If you do calibrate, then just check the "No reverse zone" (NRZ) option on the calibration screen. That will also give you your range of forward thrust from -16383 to +16384.

The reversers on your TQ can be assigned direct to the Reversers in FSUIPC (in the "direct to FSUIPC" drop down list).



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