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Top-Down View Zoom value

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It's meant to be 0x8336, but the documentation says that SimConnect doesn't provide that information so it's not available. I've checked and it's not working with FSX:SE.

You can however set a new zoom value using a 'control' if that's any use:

FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(FsControl.MAP_ZOOM_SET, 64);

This will set the map zoom to 64. The values match the zoom readout on the screen when zooming the top-down view.

Note that the other zoom controls have different units. For example, in the normal view you send 64 for 1x; 128 for 2x; 32 for 0.5x etc.


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the only available Offset is


8320 1 Byte value, the view mode:
In FSX this appears to refer to the last view in which the view mode was changed. It does not necessarily refer to the currently
selected view, i.e. the one with focus. The only values provided (referring to standad camera views only) are:
1=cockpit, 2=virtual cockpit, 4=external, 5=top down

But as the Note describes it returns only the last active window. I.e. if you open a Top Down window it will return value=5 but when closing that window and being on Virtual Cockpit back it will still return value=5 and not as expected value=2 because the now Virtual Cockpit was not the last selected one.


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