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GoFlight WP6 Warning Panel Module for PMDG 737NGX

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17 minutes ago, Jose Vela said:

I've got a WP6 module from GoFlight.

I'd like to use it to simulate some warnings and push buttons in PMDG 737NGX, like for example FIRE WARN, MASTER CAUTION or FMC P/RST.

Any idea about how I could start it?

I don't remember what the WP6 is. Are you talking about assigning button presses? If so, for the PMDG aircraft, you'd need to work out the appropriate control number from the ".h" type file in your NGX's SDK folder, then use that number in a <custom control> assignment in FSUIPC.



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1 hour ago, Jose Vela said:

Here you have got a link to the program

Ah, so you are using a Goflight driver. I'm not sure FSUIPC will play any part then. Do Goflight drivers support the PMDG aircraft now?

1 hour ago, Jose Vela said:

I know how to assign button presses but I also need to read and change the annunciator/warning light.

Doesn't GoFlight support those?

FSUIPC has no built-in display control facilities whatsoever. They are too variable, between hardware and addon Aircraft. With FSUIPC you'd need to use a Lua plug-in the open the Goflight HID device and send appropriate commands to it.

I've just checked, and if you look in your FSUIPC Document folder, in the Lua Examples ZIP file, you'll see an example for the WP6 (called WP6test.lua), which does things like setting lights on and off, changing colours, altering brightness. There should be enough there to get you off to a good start!

The states of the indicators you want in the PMDG aircraft should be all available in the PMDG offsets. Again, check the PMDG offset list for your aircraft in the FSUIPC Documents sub-folder.



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