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Developer question: CYVR for Tracon 2012


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Greetings everyone:

I'm posting this question to other fans of TRACON 2012 who've developed their own sectors in the hopes you've run across this problem and come up with a solution.

Since winter snow has trapped me inside for the next month I decided to develop/create a CYVR  sector.  Everything works EXCEPT for aircraft departing and arriving at airports within the Vancouver base sector (Eg. Departing Vancouver and arriving in Victoria, approx. 30 miles away, both airports are within the base sector region).  The aircraft in question will follow all commands including clearance to land at it's destination airport, but the moment it's handed off to the destination tower, the aircraft will immediately call Departure, similar to it's initial contact call   (Eg.  Departure Jazz 8077 with information INdia at three thousand climbing to three thousand).  The aircraft will continue to descend until it falls off radar at which time the calls to departure are non-stop and I have to end the game. 

I hope I'm making sense because it's got me stumped.  Any ideas? I'm wondering if the game was ever set up for this type of scenario even though there are plenty of examples on maps like LAS, LAX, MIA when you could create a similar situation if you wanted.

Thanks in advance.  Screenshot of CYVR is attached.



P.S. Thanks to SATCH_999 for his helpful posts on how to create sectors.  They provided a wealth of information.

Screenshot CYVR.png

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13 hours ago, Sovereign said:

Hi Jim,

Not sure if you ever got the answer to your question. I just started playing about with making a YVR sector when I stumbled on your work here. There any chance of sharing? It looks great!




There's a 3+ year old tutorial featuring CYVR that might be of interest.  



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