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Auto-start lua scripts not starting with P3Dv4

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Hi Pete;

  Using P3D v4.1 and FSUIPC 5.123c

  It appears that auto-starting Lua scripts is not working.

  I have an aircraft-specific auto-start lua script that doesn't seem to want to start with P3Dv4.  It's defined in LuaFiles, and in an "Auto.FSLabs A320" section of the FSUIPC5.ini...the "FSLabs A320" profile is defined and working OK for joystick calibration, axes etc.  For some reason it just won't start with the sim.  If I assign it to a button control and start it that way it works, and if I then kill it explicitly, it restarts again immediately.  In fact I can't kill the script permanently...as soon as I do, it restarts again.

  I just tried it using a universal "Auto" section, and no luck there, either.  But, again, if I fire it with a button, it runs.  The FSUIPC5.log file shows no evidence of the lua script if I start P3D and then close it without manually starting the script, and it does not produce a script-specific log file, despite having the LogLua and DebugLua settings both turned on.  I tried starting the sim with a much less intensive panel, and still no auto-start of the script at startup.


Bob Scott


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