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Altitude Constraints

Roger C

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I have tried to faithfully follow the manual instructions on setting altitude constraints which state to enter an A or B on the scratchpad and then enter that on the appropriate LSK for the altitude.  When I do that I get 'Invalid Entry' every time.

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I took some screenshots but they don't appear to have saved, however, they do not show much anyway.   Today I was in the E175 entering a route from KJAN to KIAH  AEX.SKNRD4.  There are altitude constraints:

BEATL 280kts below FL280 Above FL240

DOOBI 280kts    "        FL220    "       FL190

BFFET 250kts    "       14000    "       12000

KNGWD 240knots  "   10000   "       8000

Since, unlike the FMCs in Boeing aircraft it does not appear I can enter a below and above criteria  for a single waypoint I entered:




KNGWD 080 

along with the requisite speed restrictions.  The FMC accepted these.  I then tried (per the manual pg. 48) to enter an Above restriction to each of t- using the scratchpad to type an A and then pressding the appropriate Right LSK at the altitude.  Most of these operations yielded an Invalid Entry message.  


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