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Tracon!2012:SE Editor Question and Vendor Contact


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A quick question regarding editing a Tracon Sector.

* When editing an item like the runway there is an elevation tag.  The manual does not state if the elevation is metric (meters) or imperial (feet)?  I don't see any place to indicate units.  

* Is there any contact information for Simulated Designs?  I don't see them on this forum and I cannot find any contact information so far on the internet.  I found some significant errors in one of their Tracon Products and I would like to let them know.  A PM with this information is fine.

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I am in progress of fixing the Tracon myself.  The issue is the Mag-True was set negative when it should have been positive.  I discovered when the local features and departure paths were not aligned with the runways.  When I tried to add a couple of approach waypoints, they were intersecting the runways at 50 degrees.  I discovered the Mag-True and corrected that value and it actually created a complete mess with the runways, departures, and some waypoints.  I started to edit each runway and entered data available from AirNav and things started to come together so I know that I am on the right track.  The sad part is I will not be able to share the sector since it is published by a vendor and the changes are so numerous, not many people will attempt to fix it them selves even if I have a complete set of notes.  

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