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Installing Tower!3D Pro completely screwed up my computer


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I installed Tower!3D Pro. It starts just fine but after 30-60 s the screen fills with pink squares and then goes completely white. Also tried starting it in admin mode as some forums suggested. That didn't help. Now when I start my computer the same thing happens as I log in to Windows. My computer is completely unusable. Looks like the game screwed up my graphics card somehow.

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@Arishtat While never fun when this happens, going full tilt mode is generally not the best way to go. 


Also, response by @FeelThere is correct. If this was an issue with the game there would be a lot of people here or elsewhere reporting the same. It is far more likely that there is/was an issue with either a driver or hardware causing the issue seen. To say your response towards Tower!3D and/or its developer is excessive would be an understatement.

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A crash report generated by the game does not imply the game is at fault. While the game may crash, the cause may well be due to a failure with another component in your computer.

Also, you do not 'own' the product. You pay for a license to use it and by requesting a refund you would actually void that license. The refund is a matter between you and Steam and as far as FeelThere goes, to my understanding, you do currently not have a valid license to use the program and they have no obligation to support you. That they make the effort nonetheless should tell you something.

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