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I Have downloaded T3D pro. I have also bought the extention with real color and real traffic. After I did that, I dont get any reply from the planes If I order them to to fx push back.

Please help me with this. I also dont know where I can find the speeking settings so I can try them


I hope this makes sence. PLease help






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Hi David

Initially it may be worth making sure that your game is running in 'administrator' mod first, as a starting point before doing anything else.

For Steam Installs :-

YourSteamInstallDrive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro.exe


If you haven't had a look at this sticky thread, I would recommend looking at it now :-



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Hi Jumpjet777


thanks alot for your reply. I am trying to find out if I’am launching in admin. Mode. Everytime I select “run in admin the bat file opens a window which closes a asplot second after opening. I cant type or click anything i. Am I doing it right?

i have windows running in Danish language as default. Do you think it will influence on the game?


the voice reply from the planes did work before I installed the realcolor and real traffic KLAX So it confuses me that it dosent work after. Will it be a good idea to reinstall the game and the adds?


kind regards


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Hello David: 

It would be a good idea to set your default language to US English. Also, you need to click on the Tower3d.exe to run as admin, not your bat file. 

Regarding Real Color and Real Traffic, you mentioned you had bought these extnsions for T3DP, and in then you said it was for KLAX. Does this problem have to do only with KLAX or with all airports? Can I see the install routes you used for these two DLC's?


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