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How can I play at a more sedate pace.


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I am a long time user of the Tower series and run it almost every day. I run Tower!3D Pro. I prefer to play a more sedate pace than the high activity hours at most airports. I appreciate Dick Parker's program, Schedule Creator. I use it very often but 2 problems have cropped up. First, the program has aged as new airplanes and airlines (and mergers) have effected the program. Second, we have started adding airports that are are not in Schedule Creator (EDDM is the first). I can appreciate that Dick said he has other priorities than updating SC.


This brings up a couple of  questions:

     Is there a flight frequency list for Real Traffic schedules so I can pick hours with a comfortable amount of traffic? I can cut traffic down using the slider on the                main screen but knowing the number of flights would make the choice possible.

     Does anyone have a suggestion on how to set the flights to a comfortable level for me (40 to 50 flights per hour)?


Thanks for the help.   


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I had to delete this Post because I accidentally took @crbascott´s credit for that hour by hour charts! If you want some charts where you can see all the flights that are in the Real Traffic schedules for e ach airport, message him directly or join the multiplayer community on the discord server!

I apologize for taking credit for your work. 













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