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Plans on Updating EJets VC?


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I have been thinking of updating the VC of the aircraft.  After sharing a few PM's with a designer I have come to find out that it would not be possible to create bump or specular maps unless the model file includes references to the maps.  I have looked at pictures of the Embraer EJet cockpit online but it is hard to tell what the texture would feel like and would have a go at it.  I would like to do something that has a few more raised surfaces as the Wilco/Feelthere rendition is quite flat, comparing the EJets VC to the latest releases that include the beautiful lines and contours of the SAAB S340 for example.  From what I understand, those curves and contours are contained in the model file and the VC cannot be updated unless FeelThere makes the necessary changes.

Are there plans to release an updated VC?  


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There is another method. The Nvidia plugin for photoshop allows you to create bump map without needing a mdl file. Back when I used photoshop, I was able to create a nice bump map for a freeware aircraft (Tom's MRTT) I enjoyed flying, so the time learning how to do it was well spent. I've long forgotten how to do it now, but it involved erasing everything except the markings that you wanted to look raised (or recessed if you used the invert option) and running it all through the Nvidia plugin.

Information on this can be found at www.fsdeveloper.com.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the tip, I don't know if I have a great deal of time right now as I have recently accepted a position at another site.   Hopefully this designer will beat me to it and provide us with an updated VC.  Appreciate the reply.


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