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Makerwys: Missing Runways

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Hello everyone,

first-time poster, hope I got the right subforum.

I'm having problems with makerwys. Certain airports aren't written into the runways.csv. When that happens, I can't use them in PF3, which is how I came across this in the first place. I have no idea how many airports are affected, I have so far only stumbled across a few.

Attached are two excerpts from the log file Makerwys puts out, for EDRM and LFKX. Both are add-ons, one free- and one payware. From what I can tell, Makerwys recognizes runways, but doesn't write them into the .csv. The airports are added via .xml-method, and the latest version of P4AO is installed.

Any ideas on how I can rectify this?

Kind regards,




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29 minutes ago, Demio said:

Attached are two excerpts from the log file Makerwys puts out, for EDRM and LFKX.

EDRM is defined with one 10ft long runways:

              Start 18 : N49:58:16.7341  E007:06:42.4181  919ft Hdg: 180.0T, Length 10ft 
              Start 36 : N49:57:52.1144  E007:06:41.5910  919ft Hdg: 0.0T, Length 10ft 
              Hdg: 180.000 true (MagVar -1.000), Grass, 10 x 3 ft

In fact in this runway seems to be defined as a piece of Grass, 10 feet long by 3 feet wide!  If you read the document which comes with MakeRunways you can see that you need a command line parameter to tell it to include short runways, but 10 x 3 seems too small even for a Helipad!

LFKX has this defined:

              Runway 15  closed for take-off
              Start 33 : N45:24:21.7294  E006:34:42.9276  5638ft Hdg: 333.0T, Length 3ft 
              Hdg: 11.000 true (MagVar 1.000), UNKNOWN 254, 3 x 3 ft

This one has a missing Start point for the runway 15 end, and again it is too short at 3 feet (3 x 3!!!???) and uses an undocumented surface type code (254).

I suspect these sceneries have been made for visual effect and are not intended for use by AI traffic or other external programs.

You would be able to correct these things using something like ADE (freeware), but I'm afraid MakeRunways can only process the data it is provided with in the Airport Definition BGLs.



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20 minutes ago, Demio said:

I will try to run Makerwys so that it includes such short "runways".

I'm not sure the parameter will accept such ridiculous lengths. Try and see -- let me know. But in any case it won't include runway 15 for LFKX.

For the commercial one I think you should report this to the authors or company.



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Hi Pete,

it doesn't seem to work. I've tried "MakeRwys.exe />1" and "MakeRwys.exe />0" (as per the documentation) and the number of resulting runways doesn't change. In any case EDRM and LFKX aren't included. I don't think the program is accepting the parameter at all. (It seemingly accepts "/water" just fine).

Concerning LFKX: It's an "altiport" with steep runway, which can only be used in one direction for landings and the other for take-offs, so that part would be okay. The length is another story...


Edit for update: I had to format the command as follows: "MakeRwys.exe "/>0 /water"", and now it seems to work. Thanks!

Edited by Demio
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