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Unrealistic Compliance for KLGA


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Ok so i give clearance for aircraft to taxi to RWY 31 in route i instruct the aircraft to hold short taxiway Z the when i give command to continue taxi the aircraft taxi's onto the runway, they should never go onto the runway unless specifically instructed to. could some one clarify if this is glitch and this is the way program is written? 


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If you only gave clearance to runway 31 then NO it should not enter the runway.  If you gave it clearance to "line up and wait" then hold short of Z, then yes it will enter the runway when you continue. I assume you mean the first example, so no it should not.

One thing to keep in mind that DOES happen, planes should stop at all runways. If you give a taxi route that crosses one of more runways then hold short of a taxiway prior to reaching the runway, then issue "continue taxi" at the taxiway, when it reaches the runway(s) it will cross without stopping.

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another issue about LGA 0900 scennario i been getting several -500 points for unrealistic problem, i have an AC takeoff 13 and they are more thank half way down the runway and AC lands 22 i get collision negative score, VERY unrealistic please fix, i have attached the log file for todays date


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