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  1. Make a schedule

    I am not sure I understand your question, are you talking about a schedule from the game like this? DEN, LAS, 321, F9, 779, 07:47, 12:00, 1, F9 PIT, LAS, 738, WN, 1081, 07:51, 12:00, 1, WN ONT, LAS, 737, WN, 6439, 07:53, 12:00, 1, WN DFW, LAS, 321, AA, 2289, 07:55, 12:00, 1, AA OAK, LAS, 737, WN, 141, 08:00, 12:00, 1, WN SNA, LAS, 737, WN, 6255, 08:05, 12:00, 1, WN BNA, LAS, 738, WN, 4961, 08:09, 12:00, 1, WN All the departure times are the same: 12:00, is that what you mean? This would be a list of arrivals to LAS, so you see the arrivals times are all different. The departure times are when they left the airport they came from like DEN, PIT, ONT and so on. The game doesn't care what time they left those airports, it only cares what time they will arrive at LAS, so that time doesn't matter. If that is not what you mean they you will need to give more information about what you mean. Peabody
  2. KSFO Pushback not working

    How about trying this: You showed this: NOW show this folder below: That will show whether the .bat file is in the right place and if a log file exists. If not maybe a reinstall is in order.
  3. Make a schedule

    There is a tutorial on Youtube on creating schedules, just do a search. If you look at a schedule the items are: Departure airport, Arrival airport, plane code, airline code, flight number, arrival time, departure time, 1, airline code. Plane code is in the "airport"_airplanes.txt Airline code is in the "airport"_airlines.txt If you want to do a real life schedule you can go to "flight aware" and browse by airport and you will get arrivals and departures. Using the "More" and the "next 20" or "previous 20" links you can get the info you need. Be aware the schedules also include GA flights and may include airlines and planes/jets that are not in the game. You can skip these or substitute a plane that is in the game, it's up to you. Or you can just make up your own schedules if you don't care about reality. Also in case you don't know the GA flights are in a separate schedule "airport"_gaandlocaltraffic.txt which is written differently; there is a heading telling what each column is. Peabody
  4. KLAS issues

    DeltaVII and crbascott, Thanks for the input, that is usually what I do. I usually use it for departures and arrivals for GA traffic when I'm using the 25s. My main concern was the action camera not working on 25R, I just added this issue since I hadn't seen it reported. Not a game breaker, I just noticed it wasn't working when I had a GA arriving and I knew it would probably exit at N, so I sent the departure to via J and realized there were two of them, so it didn't work. So I figured since they were going to work on terminal E anyway (?) I would report these too. Thanks, Peabody
  5. KLAS issues

    Ariel, Attached is a new logfile and images: 1. Action camera 25R, SWA441 was given: "Line up and wait" command, camera stayed in tower view 2. Action camera 25R, SWA441 was given: "Clear for takeoff", camera stayed in tower view. 3. AAL1617 was given taxi via: C3 B D F J and was given route to backtaxi from N. 4. SWA2025 was given command to "expect Runway 19R" with no specific route, and as you see it went to M and then had to backtaxi from M to 19R. Taxiway J does not work, so the planes can not get to 19R. game.log
  6. KLAS issues

    Ariel, Thank you Ariel. I am not quite sure what you want for screenshots? For the action camera I can't show something that doesn't happen, it stays in tower view, is that what you want for the screenshot? With the 19R taxi problem I could show the route it gives me, so that is easy enough but I will have to do a new log file to go with it. I think the reason the 19R taxi doesn't work is because there are two J taxiways and the one going to 19R does not work. I will redo a logfile so it matches the images and hope it is the info you need. Thanks again, Peabody
  7. KLAS issues

    I have not seen these issues addressed and I do not know if they are Tower3D Pro or Real Traffic problems but here is what I found while trying to record video. 1. The action camera does not work on runway 25R or 25R @ taxiway. (It does work on the other runways) 2. The action camera only partially works at 7L. It will zoom in on the plane after "Line up and Wait", but when I issue "Cleared for takeoff" it follows the plane for a short distance then goes back to the tower view. It does not swing around in front of the plane like it does on other runways. 3. Taxi to runway 19R does not work right. It will not go full length without backtaxi (I think that is the right term) from M or N. It can not get to the beginning of 19R from J or F. (I sometimes use 19R for departures of GA.) Other issues at KLAS have been addressed so I will not include them here. Here is a logfile. I used AAY500 trying taxi routes to 19R. I used SWA6288 for action camera on 25R (I don't know if any action camera info is recorded in the log file, but I am including in just in case) I used SWA6439 for action camera on 7L. Peabody1001 game.log
  8. Real Color Bundle

    C Bravo, Requirements are Tower 3D Pro AND Real Traffic for Tower 3D Pro in addition to the Real Color Bundle.
  9. Pete, I did look at the screenshot, and I do understand what you want to do. All I was pointing out is that it is broken and has been mentioned before. The game will not go from C5 to C3 at the top of the terminals. The only way it can get from C5 to C3 is by using C7 that is why it uses it even where you didn't tell it to. I guess I didn't explain it well. Just letting you know you are not the only one with the problem. Now the devs will have another log file to work with and maybe it will get fixed. Peabody
  10. MetaframeNL, With your Jetblue try J, Z, F and that should work. Z does not go all the way to the terminal, Z runs into F. Peabody
  11. Pete, I have had the same problem and it is mentioned somewhere (I think on this forum) there does not seem to be a connection between C5 and C3 at the top of the loop, so the only choice the game has to get there is C7. The reason it uses C7 is that you told it to use C5 and the only way it can go from C5 to C3 is by using C7. If you gave it A5, B it could then pick C5 or C3 depending on which side the gate is on. I know it needs to be fixed but for now that is what is happening. I know I read about the problem but I do not remember if it was reported to the devs. Peabody
  12. Real Colors KLAS

    crbascott, I was unaware of the airplanes_pack1.manifest connection. I thought is just used the manifests that came with each airport. But that is why I addressed the issue to Nyerges Design and not to Feelthere, was I incorrect in doing that. I appreciate Feelthere stepping in to help, and I appreciate your help. I guess if I do a LAS schedule that has MD83, I'll just use an MD80. Thanks for the info Peabody
  13. Real Colors KLAS

    scoobflight, If you notice the paint and jet are different in KLAS from the one loaded in KLAX.
  14. Real Colors KLAS

    I went back in the game and LAS and LAX both use Allegient/AAY. Here are images from KLAS AND KLAX Here is the schedule, I know you don't support custom schedules but I am talking about a plane in the TexturePack that is not right, and it should work: LAS, KBL, M80, G4, 1803, 12:00, 08:01, 1, G4 LAS, KBL, M83, G4, 1804, 12:00, 08:02, 1, G4 LAS, KBL, 752, G4, 1805, 12:00, 08:03, 1, G4 LAS, KBL, 320, G4, 1806, 12:00, 08:04, 1, G4 And here are the entries in the texturepack6: Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/B752_g4.jpg- Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/MD80_g4.jpg- Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/MD83_g4.jpg- Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/A320_g4.jpg - Edited to add logfile which to my limited knowledge shows it loading a Default plane rather than MD83: 07:45:35 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_T4 * AAY1804 => STATE CHANGE from STATE_NONE to STATE_WAITING 07:45:35 alt: 0 takeoff: False/False/-2 OWNER_GROUND t: Term_T4 * AAY1804 => Init airplane type: Default code: DEFAULT category: II class: NARROW_BODY_JET CREATE SERVER AIRPLANE: AAY1804 game.log
  15. Real Colors KLAS

    winsaudai, Is that definately a MD83? The M80 works fine for me but not the MD83. Not meant as an insult, just want to be sure I'm not commenting on a problem that does not exist. Peabody

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