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l just purchased the ERJ 145 for FSX on Windows 10.  Using Thrustmaster  Cougar USB controller. 

None of the panels switches work.  The pedistal controls work. 

Can not turn on Batt switches, fuel pumps, or any over head panel controls.

Even thought I selected Cold and Dark...everything is dark and off, but the engines are running at the end of the runway at KEWR and will take off with nothing selected on.  What is happening.  Can someone help me with this?


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No.  Nothing works...it's like it's a dead panel.  Even in the manual that says, "<SHIFT - 2> will bring up the panel.  The key combination does nothing.  I can pan my view, but that is it.

I am using a Toshiba Satellite laptop.  

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So the 135 and 145 work?  Just the XRJ doesn't work?

Have you applied all Microsoft provided patches to FSX?

Did you install, meaning run the ERJ installer, as admin?

Did you approve the gauge files when first starting the game after install?

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I had the same issue during my first install. Uninstall and reinstall with administrative privileges.

If you don't know how, left click the installation file to highlight, right click to bring up a menu, and choose the option to install as administrator.

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