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Traffic Zapper no longer works in 5.132 + P3D v4.3

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31 minutes ago, airforce2 said:

I'm using P3D v4.3 and FSUIPC 5.132 -- seems that the traffic zapper has stopped working.  I am using a joystick button programmed for the control.

It works fine here with 5.132 and P3D4.3.  It's not beenchanged at all since FSUIPC 5.0, and there's not much to it, in fact. It works the same as the deletion of aircraft performed by the Traffic Limiter. t's just a control which when activated identifies the aircraft in front of you and deletes it.

Maybe there's something wrong with the parameters defining how it should work? They are normally omitted and defaulted, but perhaps you added some and forgot? Try with a default INI file (i.e. temporarily rename the existing one before loading).





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OK Pete, thanks. 

Turns out I had an (unintended) aircraft-specific button assignment that was masking/overriding the zapper's global button assignment...I must have bumped the wrong button at some point when I was programming one of the other buttons a few weeks ago.


Bob Scott


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