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ThrottleNAxis value problem

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I've written my own upper EICAS that shows the current throttle lever positions on the N1 gauges (0-100%). This helps me sync my throttle levers to the auto-throttle settings before I disconnect it. This works perfectly for the default 737 but for the default 747 I get unexpected results.

I've calibrated (and use) throttle axis 1 and 2 via FSUIPC and I've used the options pages of FSUIPC to map 1-<12, 2->34 for the 747 profile (the profile specific box is checked). However for the default 747 although throttle 1 correctly maps engines 1 & 2 as 0-100%, throttle 2 maps engines 3 & 4 as 50%-100% - they never goes below half when throttle lever 2 is fully closed. I've dumped the raw data from offsets 3332-3336 and with my throttles closed I get 0, 0, 8192, 8192 (as opposed to 0,0 for the 737). Anyone know where I'm going wrong?

For info I'm using Prepar3D v4.3 with payware FSUIPC v5 on Window 7 64 bit.

Thanks for any suggestions and apologies if I'm being a dufus!



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why not reading if it is only the Offset reading value?
ENG1 = 0x088C
ENG2 = 0x0924
ENG3 = 0x09BC
ENG4 = 0x0A54

If the lever control is not correct then check that the No Reverse Zone is true or false for both axes. Easiest way is to change the Ckeckbox and back to what you need.


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