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Missing '.ini' file

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4 minutes ago, Hillgazer said:

I do not have this file within my FSX Modules. 

Yes you do! You've not disabled the stupid Windows Explorer folder option which hides filetypes from you. The Installtion guide for SUIPC tells your how (last page of 6).

See the 3 files just shown in your pic as "FSUIPC4"? There are NO files with that name, In fact you can't have two or more files with the same name. One will be "FSUIPC4.KEY" (your registration), one will be FSUIPC4.LOG, and the other FSUIPC4.INI The FSUIPC4_Prev file os also .LOG (the previous session log).



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1 hour ago, Hillgazer said:

However, my 'hidden files' are indeed being shown but I'm very suspicious about those three "FSUIPC4 listings from what you've said.

Why? They are all essential. If you reinstall and Register, then the FSUIPC4.KEY file will be produced. It is a text file containing the registration details. Then, when you run the sim, the FSUIPC4.INI and FSUIPC4.LOG files will be produced. They are an essential part of what FSUIPC does!

What is worrying you? Why fussing over these? Just carry on and use your purchase!



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