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So I try this one again.
The last input left me with a message in the FSUIPC: This is compund. Please edit in FSUIPC.
So I followed the instructions exactly, by setting this;

31=CP(F-A,7)A,7,C69994,1     -{Custom control: <69994>}-
32=CP(F+A,7)A,7,C69994,0     -{Custom control: <69994>}-

So I hope you can see something I cannot. I just followed what you said and get an error message. Why?

To me this is=Programming.
When I tell a software what to do that is programming. I am a real life PILOT not a programmer, so in my world the safety of my passengers come first. Maybe that is why I do not understand computer programming the way you do.

The only thing I am asking here is, What am I doing wrong?

I followed your instructions in my topic YOU have locked for a strange reason. I just try to understand how to program your software so it works and does as it should. As soon as you enter a software that IS programming. Am just asking someone here what is wrong. Do I need both the + and - flag setting or only one of them?

Have tried only + and only - and still get the message it is a compound and I need to edit the FSUIPC.ini.

Sorry so far I do not understand.

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Looks good. The message is not an error. It is preventing you messing up your edit because compound button assignments cannot be changed in the dialogue. Why do you want to change it again?



To me this is=Programming.
When I tell a software what to do that is programming.


So the whole use of a computer to simulate an aircraft is programming. That is what you do when installing and, especially, configuring, the simulator and any add-ons you are using.  And you are certainly telling software what to do all the time you are using a computer flight simulator!

In this case you are trying to force a momentary button press to act like a toggle for an aircraft control which is a toggle switch (i.e one which toggles on and off, like a normal light switch). To make things do something they are not designed to do takes a little more effort. Surely you can understand such a concept?

Additionally, you are using an add-on aircraft which, in the wisdom of its programmers, does not follow any of the controls, switches and so on actually built into the Flight Simulator, and for which FSUIPC was purpose-built. you are twisting the use of FSUIPC to suit that add-ons quirks. Next time perhaps I will refer you to the PMDG support forum, where it is their job to support their add-on.

If setting parameters in a programs controlling parameter file is programming, then all of the INI and CFG files in your system, doing likewise for other programs, are programs.

Programs can be a lot easier to understand than parameter files, because they can and often do use English words. You could "program" your switch that way using  plug-in to FSUIPC written in Lua programming language. Perhaps you should try that, then you'd see the difference.



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