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About audios ,using .net DLL.


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Hi Paul:

    I was working on Cessna172 recently.

    There is a problem, I can't match the audio pannel switchs from FSUIPC, the panel like this:


(if you can't discern:




   I only found that 


in FSUIPC. But those are far from enough(and 3122 is using BitArray ? Is .value[0] means ADF1?).

How could I found and match those switchs?

Thank you for helping so much Paul.

Best regards.

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37 minutes ago, longkimari said:



You need to state their functions, else how can you use them anyway?

COM3 isn't supported as an FS facilty, nor are PA, MXR MUTE, AUX, MANSQ, PILOT, TEL, SPKR, HI SENS, PLAY, COPLT (though I don't know what one or two of them could be).

COM1MIC and COM2MIC will be the COM transmits of course. Normally you'd only hear the selected COM sound, but COM1/2 would probably be "receive both".

The plain COM1, COM2 are presumably on/off sound buttons -- most cockpits have volume controls on the audio panel. Not simulated in FS though, you have to use the volume on your sound system.

ADF, NAV1 and NAV2 sounds are self-evident -- the morse signals confirming identity.  AUX could be anything. You could use it for Marker sound perhaps. You then just need to choose one of the others for DME sound (identity again)..

BTW, that pic looks nothing like the audio panel in the 172 I flew when learning to fly aeons ago. I assume it's an enhancement?



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As Pete says, most of those switches are not supported by FSUIPC because they do not exist in FSX/P3D.

Only those listed in offset 3122 are built into FSX/P3D.

The developers of the aircraft you are using have programmed these switches themselves.

They may be accessible to you, but you'll need to ask the developers (or on their forums) how you can do this. It might not be possible.

One thing you can try first is to look for Local Panel Variables (L:Vars). If they exist for this aircraft you can read and write them using the DLL.

To list the L:Vars for the aircraft, do the following: (You must have registered copy of FSUIPC).

1. Open the FSUIPC interface from the FSX/P3D menu bar (Add-Ons -> FSUIPC).

2. Goto the [Key Presses] tab and assign a key press to the control called "List Local Panel Variables". I have this assigned to ctrl-shit-V. (You could also use a joystick button using the [Buttons + Switches tab]


3. Go to the [Logging] tab and tick [Send to console window].  You can have other options turned on if you want.


5. Press OK and return to the cockpit. Also find the console window with the FSUIPC Log.

6. Load the aircraft you want to work with. (LVars are specific to each aircraft).

7. Press your key combination, or joystick button you assigned above.

8. In the console window you'll see all the LVars listed with their values. If the developer has used LVars you will be able to identify them in the list.

Here is what L:Vars look like in the Log Console Window:


You can also view them in the FSUIPC.log file located in the Modules folder under your main FSX/P3D install folder.

To read and write LVars see the Example Code application: Advanced Concepts ->  AC005_ReadWriteLVARS.



3122 is using BitArray ? Is .value[0] means ADF1?

Yes, that's correct.


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