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CTRL+ALT value?

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1 hour ago, guenseli said:

I can use with LUA value 11 for CTRL+SHIFT

But what is the value for CTRL + ALT?



-- CTRL + SHIFT + F16
    ext.sendkeys(myHandle, 127,11,4)

What should I insert if I want the keycombination CTRL + ALT + F16?

In ext.sendKeys, 11 is Shift+Ctrl+Tab, not just Shift+Control. As documented one 19 in the Lua library PDF, along with the keycodes! It also lists the value to add for ALT.

What is the 4 in the 4th parameter position for?  It isn't a listed keycode. In the list of Windows Key Codes it says:

Middle mouse button (three-button mouse)

but I doubt that works with the basic SendMessage WM_KEYDOWN,  WM_KEYUP  method used in sendkeys. Interesting to try perhaps, though. The Windows documented list is extended since I last looked at it.





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In my LUA script the above code is working very well.

And "11" does send CTRL+SHIFT , without TAB … tested it.


The page 19 in the LUA library does not tell me anything about value 11 … or have I missed it? I have it from an other scripz


The shifts value is a combination (add them) of the following values, as needed: 
1 Shift

2 Control

4 Alt

8 Tab

16 Alt (take care with this one—it invokes the Menu) 



 0 Null (+ Alt, Shift etc alone)  

8 Backspace  

9 Tab  

12 NumPad 5 (NumLock Off)  

13 Enter  

16 Shift  

17 Control  


So, how is CTRL+ALT possible?

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2 hours ago, guenseli said:

The page 19 in the LUA library does not tell me anything about value 11

11 is used in FSUIPC itslef, where "8" meant "key by itself". Rather a waste of a bit -- the flags derived from original Windows message codes, though that one's an oddity. I think it dates back to something in an early version of FS and therefore FSUIPC.

Not sure why TAB wasn't generated. I'll take a look.

2 hours ago, guenseli said:

So, how is CTRL+ALT possible?

Oh dear. 😞

You didn't read your own quote?

"The shifts value is a combination (add them) "

Shift and Control = 1 + 2 -> 3 (you added the old 8 in from FSUIPC practice).

Surely it is logical then that 2 + 4 = 6 means Ctrl + Alt? they are BITS -- individual bits for each shift! Always have been, in FSUIPC, WideFS and Lua!

Your second "quote" is from the key code list, not the shift list!



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BTW if TAB is requested is has to be sent separately in any case, as there's no "shift" in Windows for TAB.  So it sends "KEYDOWN for TAB then KEYDOWN for the main key + shift bits, then the KEY UPs.   Unless the destination program is one that can process multiple key presses like that, then the TAB would probably be ignored. FSUIPC processes them, but that's the only double press it accepts.



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Perhaps you were trying to ask (unsucceessfully obviously. asking "how possible" instead of "which bit"), WHICH of the bits labelled ALT you should use?

That's actually quite interesting. I hadn't noticed there were two entries for ALT. It looks like a documentation error -- a mish mash from FSUIPC key lists. 

If this was your original question, why not just point out the ambiguity? It would have been much quicker!



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