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Hello everyone,

after @hexzed published his own EDDS Schedule (you can find it here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/86063-tower-3d3d-pro-custom-schedule-for-eddsstuttgart-v10/) I wanted to publish mine as well. So here it is. It was quite some work and not as easy as I thought to create a schedule for EDDS. I wanted to get some more traffic, without getting too far away from the reality.


Schedule Information:

The schedule is based on traffic from October 2nd 2018. Holidays just began in Germany, so there is slightly more traffic than normal.

The schedule offers 100 more flights than the original RT schedule. It was not possible to reach this amount of flights without some tricks here and there. Because of that,  not all the flights especially the GA flights) are 100% real. I used the existing RT GA file and deleted some of the flights in there and added every real GA flight from the above date, which were in total only about 25 for the whole day. This is why I used the existing flights as well and changed some little things to get them more realistic.

The commercial flights are 90% real. I was not able to get some flights correct, because the game does not support letters in callsigns, the livery was not available or the airline itself was completely missing (e.g. laudamotion).

So there has been some tricks, especially on the GA side, to get to the number of flights. I hope you enjoy it!


PS: I added folders with snippets for the hours from 6 am to 6 pm because I was not sure if the airport could fit that amount of flights. So I recommend you to use those.



Installation Instructions:

Please download the ZIP attached to this Post. In there you find all the needed files to play my custom schedule.

Please backup the existing EDDS folder before you overwrite any files!

If you have any questions just pm me


Have fun and enjoy!


Files Version 1.1:


Jonas EDDS Schedule.rar

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