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  1. Philadelphia has a separation bug. This airport will penalise you for separation distances that every other airport will not.
  2. Yes, it should just be a matter of redownloading the same files, which would have been updated.
  3. What program are you using to open the manifest file?
  4. I'm a nerd, and already have this information for all airports i own 🤓 As you say i populate each terminal with heavies, and count them up 😁 Helps when balancing schedules 😎
  5. GATES HEAVY 2 9 9 3N 10 8 3S 5 4 4A 27 23 4B 25 25 4C 16 12 4D 8 6 E CARGO 4 4 GA 4 4 S CARGO 7 7 W CA
  6. Agreed, random was the wrong word, have changed in original
  7. Do you have a picture of the model as it appears in game? You can add any plane in the list and it will appear, but the game will assign it a generic model (based on class assigned) if there is no model assigned in the airplanes_pack1 or airplanes_pack1.manifest. This is what i believe has happened for you because i just checked v28 airplanes manifest, and there is no xml or prefab for an E195 in the list. I also checked in game and only a generic model appears for me. For an example i added this line in the airplane text file RON_-RON-RONS PLANE
  8. The E70 and the E75 are the same model in the game, and as @EliGrim says visually there is no real difference. The same would go for the E90 and E95, if the the E95 was added in game. The real benefit i see in adding a separate model is that you can have 2 different liveries. However whether this is enough for Gabor to add the model, now, at the 'end' of this version of the game.
  9. To include the E95 in your schedules, you can add the line E190-E95-EMBRAER 195 -REGIONAL JET into the respective airports airplanes text file. This will use the E90 model, but allow the game to recognise the E95
  10. Yes they will still load, but if they are an exact duplicate it will pick the first one in the list.
  11. As Eligrim says Gabor will normally add the new files at the end of the text file. I dont actually compare with the new RT, I have made my own airline list by exporting from a website such as avcodes, then cross referencing with Gary's spreadsheet. I also make all my own schedules so I know if an airline is not in my file yet. The other way I check especially for new airports is run the schedule from midnight, then from midday, then check the output log by searching for unknown. This will bring up any airport or airline codes the game cannot find.
  12. This wasnt specifically related to PHX, but depending on airport, I put them in the closest terminal to their actual real life location. In regards to the text files, I have a master airplane file that contains all the plane types, and a master airline file, and a master airport file. I edit these depending and then copy them to the individual airport. In essence all airports contain the same files, so I can use any airline or plane and not have to worry about it not working.
  13. No problem. There is nothing special about what i do, it's just a matter of using the same format as normal, but adding the details as shown below (6 letters is the largest callsign i have come across so far)
  14. As an aside, you can use the ICAO in the IATA space if you want. The game doesnt care how long a word/set of characters is. I have used military call signs a lot on my airlines file, and they work fine
  15. You can assign GA flights to any terminal. If you want a callsign in the GA file you will need to manually type in the callsign each time If you add the airline to the main schedule (like I prefer to do) then you just need to add the ICAO to the terminal. GA terminal or otherwise. Eg if you want Boutique airlines to arrive at the GA terminal, add the flight in the main schedule, and then add BTQ to the GA terminal in the terminal text file. If it's a new small airline then I usually add it to the airlines text file
  16. hexzed


    In a word, no. American based net jets has some liveries, but that's about it. Gary's spreadsheet lists all the available liveries
  17. hexzed


    If you set up a schedule, putting a different airline arriving at each terminal. When they arrive it will highlight the group of gates corresponding to that terminal.
  18. Yes i was joking, and just to clarify the only thing i'm involved in is RC/RT. However i agree with @EliGrim the new version is more important than churning out airports Ben
  19. No i mean all 50, including redoing all the existing ones. I reckon an airport every couple of days will suffice. #yeah right
  20. Some airports i think would be really cool to have on tower3dpro would be just this small list here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_busiest_airports_by_passenger_traffic#2019_statistics easy enough to do by the middle of the year #sarcasm
  21. The best way is to email Gabor @nyergesdesign and ask him if he will. info@nyergesdesign.com
  22. I believe the callsign is generic, just like the livery, but you can change the callsign in the respective airlines text file to whatever you want. Just remember that if you change the callsign to 'United', all respective flights will say this callsign even if flying for Delta or American. To get around this somewhat, change each airports airline text file callsign to the majority of the flights into that airport eg DFW regionals change to 'American', at Seattle change them to 'Alaska' etc The slightly more complicated way to do it is to add each regional to the airline tex
  23. You are correct, I shouldn't answer questions late at night 🤦‍♂️
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