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  1. I don't think we will be getting any more requests, so i will start compiling the list. Any more requests that happen to crop up in the next 12 hours i will add in
  2. Only the airplane types in the airplane pack manifest are actually modelled. All other planes in the airplanes text, that are not in the pack manifest, will appear as a random default plane. Common files are hopefully a thing for the next version
  3. There could be a multitude of unending different orders that you could put the RC packs into. To keep it simple for most people then in release date is the most logical. If you know what you are doing then i guess it would be up to the individual to ascertain what is best for them?
  4. Where are the files located, are they like what Eligrim has suggested just above? Screenshots would be handy
  5. There isn't any heavy gates in the Jetstar/Virgin terminals, that be why
  6. @brisco Try this. Gary updates after every release https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85934-tower-3d-pro-real-colorsaircraft-master-list-by-airport/
  7. MCO can be slow and repetitive. Dubai could be a good option, lots of Emirates, but variety of other airlines as well
  8. Turkey Airlines does sound a lot more delicious 🤤
  9. Gabor from @nyergesdesign has requested that the community be asked for suggested updates to the Barcelona RC This is a one off request not related to our normal community poll As before we must put together a list of liveries that we would like to see added. Requests must be for "standard" liveries and not one-off special liveries. Before posting any requests please refer to the Master List maintained by @Pedantic G found on the forum at https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85934-tower-3d-pro-real-colorsaircraft-master-list-by-airport/. To submit your request, please use the following format. ----------- Airline ICAO, Airline IATA, Airline name, Aircraft ICAO, Link to livery at San Francisco from Flightradar or Flightaware EG: AAL, AA, American Airlines, A332, https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n282ay ----------- Related liveries must be on planes that have recently arrived or departed Barcelona All posts not in the above format will be disregarded. Please list all your livery requests in one post. If you prefer you are welcome to attach a spreadsheet. Please do not post a duplicate if someone has already posted a desired livery. The deadline for request submissions is December 13th, 2019 After the deadline, a list of consolidated and vetted requests will be sent to @nyergesdesign Please remember, not all livery requests may be used, the final decision will be with Gabor from Nyerges Design If you have any questions, feel free to send a direct message to @hexzed Thanks Ben
  10. CYVR already had the updated liveries, so any RC pack with Air Canada since then will have the new livery, except i believe the 77W, but this is accurate to real life anyway
  11. The 2 US English voices that work for me are Zira for female, and David for Male. Or you could just use female voices?
  12. Rename it 99 or a higher number than the latest manifest. Remember to rename both texpack files.
  13. Yes the RT and RC have been updated
  14. The Sun Country 738 is the only one updated. Remember to make sure it isn't being overwritten with a later RC manifest
  15. RC only update. Details here https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87422-community-project-new-livery-requests-for-rc-ksfo-san-francisco/?do=findComment&comment=531991
  16. Sorry I meant Alaskaguy hijacking the thread talking about Paris
  17. Perhaps you should start a new thread, and inform Gabor of the bugs you have found, including taxiway descriptions and screen shots of problem areas?
  18. If you chuck a small custom schedule in there, is it the same?
  19. What schedule are you running? Is it the full schedule and what time are you starting?
  20. Unfortunately KLGA has never caused me any issues, I get more stuttering at JFK
  21. For me that does that when my video card driver is out of date
  22. I just thought i would mention, make sure to download the latest OMDB RC, to get the full benefit of Mr hawks schedule 😄
  23. Hi Pete, how do i search for something using a common browser based search tool? 😉
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