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  1. Well to be fair Gabor does update the RC packs. In fact there has already been an update to the OMDB RC since the first release. KSFO, KLAX, KJFK and LEBL have been updated as well
  2. Probably better to post a dropbox link or similar, rather than posting the whole log file
  3. As Craig said, the gate is broken and requires a service pack to fix
  4. Yeah in this case it is different, as I said generally that is the rule. In this case a google search reveals the 32N is the A320 Neo. Therefore checking the airplanes file, the A320 Neo is A20N and in turn 20N in the schedule 😊
  5. As Gary said use the airplanes.txt file. Search for the ICAO code, and the 3 digit IATA that follows it is the one that you use in the schedule. Generally Airbus drop the A, and Boeing drop the B. So in your examples the codes you use are 339 and 788 respectively Furthermore for the B777 example you just use 777 to get the livery to show
  6. Gary you're not a robot!?
  7. Yes Gabor does
  8. You need to update Real Traffic after every new airport comes out, as new plane models may be added. If you don't have the latest files, then things will not work correctly
  9. As Eligrim says it was on the list for the retro RC, but Gabor from Nyerges Design did not include it. The specific reasons were not given to me, why it was not included
  10. Most of the early airports released are already retro 😉
  11. The CL A319 has the livery as well
  12. No only the ones in the list were created
  13. Retro Pack first look
  14. If in any further doubt, check the airlines website. They will always have their latest livery shown
  15. Hello again everybody Retro pack is now complete! Again please don't ask me when it will be released, that is up to Gabor from Nyerges Design For viewing of models there should be a preview video coming out at some stage, so look out for that. However for now Gabor has authorised me to post a full list of liveries here First of all new plane models included: Airbus A30B Boeing 707 Boeing 727 Boeing 737-200 Boeing 747-100 Boeing 747-200 Concorde DC-9 Lockheed L1011 Tristar Tupolev TU-134 Tupolev TU-154 Airlines: Aerolineas Argentinas B742 Air California MD80 Air Canada L101 Air Florida B732 Air France CONC Air New Zealand. B742 All Nippon Airways L101 Aloha Airlines B737 America West Airlines A320 American Airlines DC10 American International Airlines B727 Ansett Australia B744 ATA Airlines B738 BOAC B741 Braniff International B741 British Airways B742 British Airways CONC British Caledonian DC10 Canadian Airlines International B763 Delta Airlines B744 Eastern Airlines L101 Eastwind Airlines B732 Hawaiian Airlines L101 Independent Air B707 Key Air B727 Kiwi International Airlines B727 KLM Airlines MD11 Lufthansa Airlines B763 Malev Hungarian Airlines B734 Malev Hungarian Airlines B762 Malev Hungarian Airlines CRJ2 Malev Hungarian Airlines T134 Malev Hungarian Airlines T154 Mark Air B734 Morris Air B733 New York Air DC93 Northeaster Airlines A30B Northwest Airlines B742 Olympic Airlines B742 Pan American Airlines B741 Qantas B707 Reeve Aleutian Airlines B727 Reno Air MD82 Richair International L101 Royal Jordanian Airlines L101 Skyworld Airlines B707 Southern Airways DC93 Tower Air B742 Trans Meridian Airlines B752 Trans World Airlines B741 US Airways B762 Valujet DC93 Western Airlines B732 Any questions about this list please ask 🙂 Ben
  16. Before you pay money for Atlanta, there is an issue with terminal F not open for heavies, and taxi issues with the southernmost runway. The rest of the airport works ok.
  17. Probably Atlanta, JFK, Orlando maybe
  18. Retro pack is in final stages of Beta testing
  19. Hi Kev Select the start of the time with your mouse while holding alt Then select all of what you want to sort, then sort via line operations > sort lines lexographically ascending You will need all the times in a perfect column though However excel is probably still the cleaner way Ben
  20. The Shorts 360 and the 737-200 Freighter are the 2 new models. Flying for Rhoades Express and Transair
  21. Empire airlines run under Ohana airlines at PHNL, so the IATA and ICAO have been changed. As I said this was probably a mistake in that the FedEx livery was put on them then changed later to the Ohana livery
  22. There is 2 new aircraft models at this airport, so you need to redownload your RT as Scoob says. This is done by using the original link you got
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