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I am having a sound issue with the Falcon 7X. I start my flight parked cold and dark, and I am getting a loud external noise. Sounds like one engine running. Anyone know how to eleiminate the loud sound? Also., right engine spin animation not showing when engine is running.




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If you want a good DF7X?

Go to the down load free library from Fly away Simulation.

Their web address is at:


Most important, make sure you grab version 2.

I had someone do a Pittsburgh Steelers paint job for my DF7X.

Because I am blind, I love the DF7X from FAS.

I just wished that there was a DF8X, which is the successor to the DF7X and in the real world was flight certified both by the U.S. and by Europe authoritiesin the summer of 2017.

Why would one want to upgrade from the DF7X to the 8x?

1. The 8x flies five hundred miles further than the 7x.

2. The fuel onboard the 8x is 35 percent more efficient than onboard the older 7x.

I'd love to find a blind friendly 8x like the 7x from FAS or from anyone else.

Hope this feedback will help out.

In the good old days of Morse code short hand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes, from U.S. ham Radio Station KR3DOG-PA-WCECTM

Which stands for:

Pennsylvania West County Emergency Com-Tree Manager.

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Hello to my fellow DF7X pilots.

I'm blind and I have the FSX-SE for my foundation.

Prepar 3-d just doesn't work for me or works with the DF7X.

But I love the free version of the DF7X from the Fly Away simulation down load library.

You don't need to be a paid member to grab something from the down load library.

Since that version of the DF7X is blind friendly, any chance we could use that as a foundation for designing a blind friendly DF8X?

Why would one want to sell off their DF7X and jump to a DF8X?

1. The DF8X flies 500 miles further than the DF7X.

2. The fuel onboard the DF8X is 35 percent more efficient than onboard the older DF7X as well.

I also would need someone to help me to transfer and update my Pittsburgh Steelers football team paint job from my DF7X to the DF8X as well.

That's if I could get someone to help me out.

Just my two cents on this topic.

I can be reached at:


Many Thanks.

Ron AKA The Blind Pilot in Flight sim circles.

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