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FSUIPC offset lenght

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3 hours ago, Bueckerpilot said:

for my servo driven TAT indicator (Offset 11D0) i need 4 needle movements from 0° up and down and below 0° down and up. Is that possible with 2 Byte Offset lenght?

And if not, can i change the Offset length to 4 Bytes?

No, you cannot change a defined offset length. The value documented is the value supplied by the simulator. How will changing the length affect that?

The TAT value is degrees Celsius x 256, and, in the two bytes provided, that gives a range of -128.0000 C to +127.9961 C. Why do you need a larger range? Surely that range is easily sufficient?

I've no idea what you are talking about regarding "4 needle movements". Sorry.

By the way, you posted your question in a reference subforum. Please ALAYS post support questions here, the Support Forum. Else it will not get attention. I've moved it for you.



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Thank you for the quick answer and your help.

The needle movement is concerned to the SIOC servo card  and of course your temperature range is sufficient so my problem is not the length of the Offset.

I wish i could get such a good support for FSUIPC also for SIOC by opencockpits...

Thank you again,





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