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I am told that I can change a setting in FSUSIC that will help me witH Taxiing the PMDG B737-800 I have to keep applying power to get the machine to roll along as it slows down each time when the power is not constantly applied. I thought that once you left the gate and got going, there is no need to keep applying power as it should merrily roll along? Setting in P3d Or am I missing something?

appreciate any advise

thank you 

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There is a DynamicFriction LUA script that you can use to reduce some of the surface friction during the taxi process.  It should have been included in the 'Example LUA plugins.zip' file that was added to Modules\Documents when you installed FSUIPC.

I think there is also a 'Patchsimfriction' variable that you can add to the FSUIPC.ini file, but I don't really know how it functions, so haven't tried it.

The LUA script is easily installed and can be removed without effect if it doesn't solve your problem.  The instructions for LUA script usage are in docs.

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Which version of P3D are you using? If its v4.x, then there are currently no friction facilities. For P3D v1-3 (and FSX, FSX-SE) there is a parameter called PatchSIM1friction, from the FSUIPC4 Advanced User guide:

PatchSIM1friction=No: A is provided to assist with better ground friction and braking. This is enabled by a parameter
added to the [General] section of the FSUIPC4.INI file, and applies to both registered and unregistered installations. It
operates by patching values in FS's SIM1.DLL, and applies equally to FSX (RTM, SP1, SP2 or Acceleration), and
Prepar3D version 1.4. Just add PatchSIM1friction=Yes to the [General] section of the INI.

A number of ground friction and braking coefficients are changed. The values set are those currently derived by
experiment by Johan Dees (please see the example Lua Frictions.lua for details of the changes -- more below).
For registered users, there is more flexibility using plug-ins instead. In this case the parameter is not necessary. Full
details can be found in the Lua Plugins package -- see, especialy, the two example Lua plug-ins "frictions.lua" and
The provided lua examples also only work with FSUIPC4, as they also rely on the ipc.SetFriction function which is implemented in FSUIPC4 only.
Edited by John Dowson
Further info added
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