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Good afternoon,

I'm working on setting up custom throttle axis zones in P3D but i'm running into a problem.  Using the Warthog throttle, I have Throttle1 set to left, and Throttle2 set to right.  I have inserted the AB stops, so i'm needing to adjust the 100% RPM Non-AB to exactly where the throttles hit the stops, and then the stages of AB when I lift up over the stops.  I've looked at the different axis options in the FSUIPC GUI, and read the advanced settings pdf, but i'm sorry to say that everything Pete talks about with the advanced axis options you can write into the INI file just goes way over my head.  Can anyone help me out here?

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sorry for the late reply, but I don't understand what you you are trying to do (I was hoping someone else would jump in on this one!). If you cannot achieve what  you want by using the right hand side of the Axis Assignment tab, which allows you to send controls when the an axis range is entered or exited (and also optionally on conditions by manually editing the ini), then you will need to look into using a lua program. Such a program should auto-run and monitor the throttle axis using the event.control function. In this you can maintain state and perform any action required depending on the throttle value and current state.


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