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FS Panel ow design = Software suite?

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Hi All

The FS panel and it´s function are firstly based on B737 😊

My all components are control by a several Arduino boards and Phidget for the led-Lights. I am programming it in Javascript togheter with Node JS server whitch will handle all the connection to FSUIPC by the npm module: NPM FSUIPC

I have several software alternatives:

  • PMDG 737ngx for P3D 4
  • Qualitywings B787
  • Project Magenta
  • Sim-Avionics
  • AerosoftSystem 737 Avionic Software

The FMC is going to be controled by Virtual CDU 737 and my Tablet as a start 🙂


The quenstion is, what software wil I choose?

My conditions as needed:

1)     Control all part of a B737 / 737Max or 787.

2)     Must be able sending the the output values to a external hardware like the gaugses and the led-segment like heading from AP ….3

3)     I have read that you can save where you are in a flight in case of a CTD and later resuming the flight. Is that possible today, maybe by the FSUIPC module?

More question later 😊


I have understood that you must have FSUIPC gettig the value from the Simulator. Except the Fimulator you must have a Avionic system like Sim-Avionix or PM .... My best option is PMDG 737NGX, i  now the aircraft is a good one but can you have it in your cockpit solution like the PM ....

What do you use and what software suite to choose?

Best Fredrik

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2 hours ago, freddehboy said:

My best option is PMDG 737NGX, i  now the aircraft is a good one but can you have it in your cockpit solution like the PM ....

I certainly wouldn't recommend PMDG's 737 for a cockpit build. It is no doubt the best free-standing solution, but it doesn't do well in a cockpit scenario at all. There are too many difficulties and too much extra software you'd need to write, or purchase (if available).

Project Magenta used to be the best, and for a while, only, solution for cockpits of all descripptions. But nowadays, for 737NG cockpits soecifically , the real solution is ProSim737. It isn't cheap (neither is PM), but it has all you need for most hardware solutions.

Don't take my word for it. This is the FSUIPC + WideFS support forum, not an advice place for cockpits -- try other sites too and review websites. There are several about cockpit building and the software solutions involved.




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