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Need help debugging a controller issue

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Hello there!

I use this fancy force-feedback yoke (Brunner CLS-E NG) with P3D v4.5 and the latest FSUIPC. The yoke needs a software ("CLS2Sim") which is constantly running to talk to P3D.

When this software is running and I'm using an aircraft that has a Flight Director that can be toggled on and off (examples: Aerosoft Twotter, xTreme Prototypes LJ25D, RealAir Turbine Duke), the FD is constantly toggled on, off, on, off, about once per second. When I "disconnect" the Brunner software from the sim, this behaviour stops immediately. I reconnect the software and it starts again.

I am not sure whether it is a button, keyboard, or SimConnect event that toggles the FD. I don't have the FD control assigned in FSUIPC, so I suspect it's a SimConnect event, but I cannot be certain.

Is it possible (and, if so, how) to debug the issue using the FSUIPC logging feature, so I can tell the software developer what exactly is happening on my system?

I appreciate any advice!



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Thank you very much, Thomas! I ended up with a file with over half a million lines of raw SimConnect log data.

Just glancing over the data, I found this when (and only when) the CLS2Sim software was "connected":

< 494.85144 [63] >>>>>  EXCEPTION=2, SendID=199484, Index=0  <<<<<  Unrecognized Data Received. [63, 199484]

While this seems fishy, it doesn't seem to be related to my problem. But it could be an indicator that Brunner's SimConnect code has... well... issues. 😄

I think I also found the actual culprit:

Line 14377: > 72.63441 [63, 19]MapClientEventToSimEvent:EventID=9002, EventName="TOGGLE_FLIGHT_DIRECTOR"
Line 14378: > 72.63443 [63, 20]AddClientEventToNotificationGroup:GroupID=2, EventID=9002, bMaskable=0
Line 318595: > 324.31639 [63, 119422]TransmitClientEvent:ObjectID=0, EventID=9002, dwData=1, GroupID=2, Flags=0
Line 319814: > 325.31732 [63, 119898]TransmitClientEvent:ObjectID=0, EventID=9002, dwData=1, GroupID=2, Flags=0
Line 321003: > 326.31440 [63, 120369]TransmitClientEvent:ObjectID=0, EventID=9002, dwData=1, GroupID=2, Flags=0
Line 322239: > 327.31735 [63, 120845]TransmitClientEvent:ObjectID=0, EventID=9002, dwData=1, GroupID=2, Flags=0
Line 323525: > 328.33978 [63, 121321]TransmitClientEvent:ObjectID=0, EventID=9002, dwData=1, GroupID=2, Flags=0

This matches exactly what I'm seeing: about once per second the FD is toggled off. "Client" 63 is called "SimConnectWrapper" and it's clearly the CLS2Sim software. Armed with this, maybe I can get Brunner to finally acknowledge and maybe even fix the issue.

FSUIPC really is the swiss army knife of ESP flight simming.

Thanks again,


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Wish me luck. :) In the past couple of weeks I provided detailed information (of course including which version of P3D I'm using) and description, examples, CLS2Sim profiles, even video of the issue, and the only response I got was that they can't reproduce it in X-Plane (sic!). I can't even…


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