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Unable to download and install 737 PIC EVO from Wilco Pub.


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Hi, after recently building a new PC for flightsim, I went to the Wilco Feelthere page which had my products listed. I was unable to download or install either product, because the online activation refused to connect to your server, It kept saying "try again later". I wrote out a support ticket at the website. The reply I got simply pointed me in the direction of your facebook page which didn't help matters at all. There is no support on there. I have legitimately bought the Super Guppy 737 PIC Evo yet am now unable to access the download or even install my old versions of the plane which used to work. Can you please help out.

The order was :   Invoice #* 

Can you please help me to get my product back please ?


* Details removed as can be used to steal your purchase. - mods

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My apologies, I had thought that the two companies were as one provider. I bought the plane from Wilco Publishing and it was a FeelThere product, or so I thought . I see the same plane for sale in the FeelThere store, so I assumed this was the right place to come. A simple mistake.  I did get an email today from Wilco saying they know there is a problem with their online activation and they are trying to fix it.  Is the version for sale on here a newer release of the Classic 737 ? I might still be interested in purchasing that if so ? 

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1 hour ago, Dr_Eddie said:

 Is the version for sale on here a newer release of the Classic 737 ? I might still be interested in purchasing that if so ? 

What is for sale here is whatever Wilco produced and released.

The last 737 development feelThere was involved was the original 737 PIC in 2007/2008.  Since then all feelThere has done was a couple of SPs in '08&'09 and a no longer available early P3D D2-only panel compatibility patch.

feelThere hasn't been involved with Wilco's 737 for neither the EVO or 'Guppy' versions.  All support and questions for these products must be directed to Wilco Publishing.

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