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Force Feedback Joystick

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I want to design and build my own force feedback joystick. 

I am aware of the hardware part of it. I am facing trouble as to how to approach the software end. 


How do I extract the aircraft model from P3Dv4 so as to simulate an accurate control loading system based on the flight profile and 

then implement a force response on the control stick as felt in real life.


Thanks in Advance!

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If you are using FSUIPC, you can take a look at the offset document which will give you the data available through using FSUIPC, but how you use this to implement a force feedback response is up to you. Someone else may have looked at this before, but you are probably better off asking over on cockpitbuilders.com, or possibly avsim.



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Hello from Ron Kolesar, AKA The Blind Pilot.

I'd deeply appreciate it if you'd write me off list at:


I'm using FSX-SE for my foundation for flying.

I also was a beta tester in the hand to ear military flight simulator called Three-D Velocity.

I'd love to have a force feedback flight yoke as well.

You now can down load the Thre-D Velocity flight simulator program from 


You the above URL address will not work with ie 11, and you'll need to set up a free account as well.

The TDV program states that we can flythe Three-D Velocity hand to ear aircraft and have access to all of the features with only twelve buttons, I'd like to see something that has twenty buttons.

That way we're not constantly switching back and forth from the features that work with the force feedback flight yoke or joystick and those features that only work with the keyboard.

Also, I'd like to have as many hand to ear coordination programs to work with the handheld device as well.

We started this project in 2010, when everyone had a 32 bit processor.

We never could find a two stick handheld controller that would work

1. in the 64 bit processor world.

2. Would work with the force feedback feature of the tdv project.

This would be awesome if you could design your project.

Because, I've written a huge detailed letter to Microsoft for their newest project for Ocoter 13th of this year called Flight Simulator 2020.

I haven't yet heard anything back from them yet.

I also might be able to fly via our local flight school attached to Erie International as well.

I have another hand to ear program that I was a beta tester for that not only force feedback would bring it to life, but shock feedback also would bring it to life.

I hope you think of me when you're ready for beta testers to stress out your project.

Ron Kolesar 

Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency Communication Station


Volunteer Certified Licensed Ham Radio Station KR3DOG

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