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FSUIPC control to turn auto-save on/off?

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  I've looked and cannot find any mechanism to allow programmatic control of FSUIPC's auto-save feature.

  If it already exists, would you please point me to it?  If not, it'd be nice to have the ability to send an FSUIPC control to stop/start autosaves as set up in the FSUIPC menu.  There are times, like on approach, for example, where it'd be nice to be able to have a LUA script disable auto-saves (e.g. below 5000' AGL) to prevent the auto-save stutter.


Bob Scott

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Hi Bob,

currently its not possible to activate/deactivate auto-save on a control/event. This has also been requested before, either as a straightforward control (on/off) or to allow automatic enable/disable depending on the aircraft altitude, to basically allow automatic disable on take-off/landing and enable thereafter.

I will look into this for a future release.




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Hi Bob,

please try the following: FSUIPC5.zip

Unzip this and you'll find an FSUIPC5.dll that you should use to replace your current one (in your Modules folder).

You will see an additional control has been added called 'Auto-save' toggle. This only has an effect when the auto-save feature is activated, and will allow you to toggle this facility on and off. It is initially on (i.e. auto-save functioning).

Let me know if you have any issues.



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