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Few questions regarding airspeed and climb performance


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Hello to all!
I have some general questions regarding the E-Jet Speeds and climb/descend performance.

I don't know the real aircraft but the airspeed/climb combination is very crazy in my opinion.
Speed restriction below FL100 is 250 IAS for normal.
The aircraft overshoot this every time after departure and compense with very very steep climbrate (+6000 feet per minute)
Same in descend. I always need to use speedbrakes to get not into overspeed conditions.

Takeoff performance is general to high in my opinion. I must use CLB-2 /TO-2 and full flex. But it's still to high.

All my examples are tested in E195.

I cannot trust this is also true in real aircraft.


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I agree, definitely needs to be tweaked, also the pitch angle for approach and flare is to steep, I know this was tested by real pilot but I watched a real cockpit video of a 190 filmed looking through the HUD and approach pitch never exceeded 5 degrees and flare was about 6-6.5.  Overall though, I think the FeelThere folks did an excellent job with this aircraft and at $60 is a good value, so kudos to them.

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