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LOW FPS after installing FSUIPC5

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Need assistance.

Brand new machine with P3d v4.5 installed and Win10. I had 25-29 fps (block to 30) and everything ran well. I install a registered copy of FSUIPC5 and then the FPS drop to 5-6. Very frustrating as I just pay a lot of money on hardware to run p3d smooth with add-ons and complex planes...

I did try to remove/reinstall Fsuipc, restart pc: nothing change. 

I notice that when i use the slew mode, the fps show a 'normal' value, but when back to flight mode, It drop to 2-5 fps, even with no AI traffic on a stock airport.

I recall that everything was running smooth with good frames before installing the module


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After trying and investigating for hours, I found the guilty. My sound config was set to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) and for a unknown reason, and was affect the p3d performance by leaking the frames. I change it to Speakers Hight Def config and everything back to nomal and run freely. 

I still don't know how the pc sound config can affect the fps that way?

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Presumably he's talking about the P3D Sound options 'Windows Sound Devices', where you an select the sound devices used for primary, voice and voice capture (mic). These default to the windows default sound devices.
I've no idea why this would affect the FPS so much though....



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If you have fps issues for a complex add-on only, it wouldn't be your sound interface. If you think you have an issue with FSUIPC, please raise a separate topic/thread explaining your problem, but I can't remember any fps issues that are due to FSUIPC so I think your problem lies elsewhere. Sometimes stuttering/low fps can be caused by the autosave option being used with complex aircraft add-ons, so if it is only happening on autosave you could check that.


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