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FSUIPC reads wrong joystick ? Swap ?

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41 minutes ago, raam123 said:

I have several Leo-Bondar cards and it seems FSUIPC read the wrong one...

It identify my Throttle Card as the Gear panel card and opposite... how can I fix it without having to reconfigure all over again ???

They should have unique GUID values -- see the [JoyNames] section in your FSUIPC4.INI or FSUIPC5.INI file (you've not said which Sim you are using!).

If there's nothing specific to distinguish them -- i.e. same name, same serial number, then it is best never to unplug them and plug them in again, as Windows may assign the GUIDs in the other order.

I think later versions of Bodnar boards had serial numbers, but I'm not sure they were in the part of the ID Windows reads.

Anyway, show me your INI file if you still can't sort it out. There should also be an FSUIPC Joyscan.csv file which provides more information about how the devices are identified.

I use several Bodnar BU0836 boards and have no trouble with them getting mixed up, but then they are permanently installed in my cockpit.



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Just now, raam123 said:

I got it.

I just changed the numbers and got it working again.

Good. Well done.

Make sure also that you are using Joy Letters. You can either choose the letters yourself or let them Auto Assign  via a parameter in [JoyNames]. That should help guard against other cases of GUID changes. (There's a chapter in the User Guide explaining Joy Letters).



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