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Do I need the hotfix and how to use the FMC?


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Two questions. one & one probabley dumb on my part.

First. There is somekind of hotfix above but I am not sure if I need it or not.

Second.  I am trying to figure out how to program the FMS. What do you do if destination has no stars. Do I just layin the P3D flight plan?

                 I have gone thru the procedure at least 10 times. get to start engines, taxi & T/O, then the trouble starts. Cant maintain proper speeds, does not maintain set in course, does not maintain vs. 

I know i'm doing somestuff wrong but this is driving me crazy. You would think that at least once outa 10 something would go right. I am not a novice & have used flight sim since V1, but never had to use an fms and never had a plane as diverse as the 145. Any suggestions would greatfully accepted.


Mods edit subject line to reflect the questions

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If you downloaded the product recently, you're probably as you to date as possible.

In terms of your other question, FeelThere have released a great YouTube playlist on the E-Jet which taught me all I needed to know

You will need to consult the Vspeed tables from the manual for any given weight and OAT, but you shouldn't need anything else

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On 3/26/2020 at 4:38 PM, Pstlpete said:

I am trying to figure out how to program the FMS

follow both introduction flights provided in the manual.  read the FMS section of the manual.  there are many good user-created FMC tutorials on YouTube.  Search "Feelthere ERJ tutorial".  Be sure not to follow one for the Ejet ... the video @hammertime shared is for the Ejet and is DIFFERENT plane with different systems.  the 135, 145, XRJ are similar to each other (some panel differences) though using the FMS is the same across all three airframes

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                      Again sorry for my late reply. I did again go thru those tutorials in the manual. Did pick up on a couple of things that were fuzzy in my mind. As far as the FMS is concerned my flights are different from whats there. In my flight setup I LittleNav to make a PLN. Then setting the FMS and feed the plan into the FMS with no sids or stars. I also use RadarContact as my flight ATC. Thats why no sids & stars. RC gives the end info for landing.                                                                                                                                                                   Now I have been able to follow the pln on the FMS. So, at least i'm pogressing a bit. After T/O & with beginning intial climb, go to climb power a pick FLC. At the lower altitudes, speeds were held there was reasonable climb rate. That was the flight I am doing now. Transition altitude = 290. Level and wait for speed to rebuild. Ask for 320 & got 320. Speed continued to evaporate as well as climb rate. At 320 asked for & received 360. This time speed, with throttles wide open, speed bled off to stall in no time. No climb power, no climb. So, I will stay at 340, wait to see furthure into the flight as to what happens. Will advise as flight progresses.

Thanx, Pete

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