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Hello, I just want to know when using FSUIPC in FSX how do you get the command text Shift + Ctrl + {whatever letter you place here}  to take what happens is  it always 

place thiis  ( Ctrl + Shift + {whzttever letter i put}.  Is there a  way I can make this work Please I an new at this please bear with me .

Thank You

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I don't think with FSUIPC there is a way. Unlike, for instance, keyboard software.
Some keyboard software includes a timer between each keypress while FSUIPC polls the keys differently.
"Shifts" IE Ctrl/Shift/Alt etc.. are added up. (see ~page 23, FSUIPC# for Advanced Users.pdf)
Example (using lua) for both CTRL-SHIFT-X and SHIFT-CTRL-X
1) CTRL-SHIFT-X = ipc.keypress(90, 3)
2) SHIFT-CTRL-X = ipc.keypress(90, 3)
The same thing..


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The order that you press the Ctrl + shift is not important, they are just modifiers to the actual keypress. That is why the keypress codes using lua, which Ramon kindly showed you, are the same. So there is no way to change the order in FSUIPC, but it shouldn't matter.


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