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Help with spoiler setup on Boeing

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For years i havent being abled to find the correct function to the spoiler arm with speedbrake. The first part on my lever is a switch and just after a normal axis. 

Axis spoiler setup is straight forward but how do i arm and disarm the speedbrake? Its only one switch

Example PMDG 7XX


Michael Moe 

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18 hours ago, MichaelMoe said:

how do i arm and disarm the speedbrake? Its only one switch

Example PMDG 7XX

I don't know how the PMDG aircraft implement it -- they may do their own thing. But generally:

If you want to use a switch or button instead of a position on the axis movement you could just assign that to send the Spoilers Arm On. Or maybe Spoilers Arm Toggle -- but I think the Arm will come off anyway when you operate the lever.

If you want just to use the axis, the sim's spoiler axis has a zero effect from full down (i.e. off) to a point on the axis scale where the spoiler becomes ARMED. If your axis has such a position marked you can calibrate in FSUIPC to match the Arm position to that marking.  See step 6 in the numbered steps to calibrate in the FSUIPC User Guide.

If not, you just have to tell by whether the ARMED indicator lights.




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