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FSUIPC V6 Ipc.control

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Evening Gentleman,

Just to report a couple of issues since installing V6.

#1 The following ipc.control for Trim does not seem to have any effect anymore. Would something in the Lua IPC.Control facility have changed with V6?
Alas, I however can report that the keyboard assignments still work to change the trim in the Project Magenta FMC, which brings me to the second issue.

I thought I would change from the IPC.Control to value = ipc.readUW (0x0bc0);  Value = Value + 200; ipc.writeUW ((0x0bc0), value); for Increase Trim. I however wanted to check if the offset was changing with the ipc.control command first to identify what was going on. I decided to Launch Interrogate to make sure that the offset was working, and alas can't run setup fields in the 3-scan locator, due to the following access violation error. I am running the Interrogate facility with administrator privileges.





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6 minutes ago, Cockpitbuilders said:

I however wanted to check if the offset was changing with the ipc.control command first to identify what was going on. I decided to Launch Interrogate

Why not just Monitor the offset in FSUIPC's Monitor facility (on the Logging page)?

The controls 65607 and 65615 (ELEV TRIM DN and ELEV TRIP UP) are standard sim controls. FSUIPC's Lua function does nothing with them except send them on to the sim via SimConnect. You could just check that the controls were sent by logging Events in FSUIPC's logging. You can also test via the FS controls directly -- eg. NUM kerys 7 and 1 (by default).

I'm afraid I can't really deal with crashes in FSInterrogate2 -- that's the first ever one reported! The author might still want to know so it might be worth getting in touch with him.

I'm pretty sure Trims must still be working in P3d5. 0BC0 is populated directly by Sim Vars supplied by SimConnect. If you monitored 0BC0 it would log also the incoming value (before conversion to the old FS98 compatible scale used in 0BC0). You might also want to check 2EA0 which would give the actual deflection.

Also check that whatever changes you are trying to introduce are not being overridden by a Trim Axis input from somewhere.



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Wonderful, Thanks as always Pete.

I will just utilize the ipc.display function for monitoring for now.  All I can say is trim works in P3DV4 and not working in P3Dv6 with the same LUA File..  But of course, perhaps My Lua file has something else in it that P3Dv5 doesn't like.  I will continue with the troubleshooting.

Perhaps, there is something overwriting the Trim Value.  I have external Controllers disabled in P3D as I only use UIPC for Controls. Perhaps there is something else holding it out.

Best regards


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Pete, My apologies

Whilst changing from P3DV4 to P3Dv5 and Running my electric Trim It appears the Coupling between the encoder and Stepper has come loose.  With your post Above I thought better of a software issue and re-evaluated my troubleshooting process and found the failure.

This teaches us to re-evaluate the issues and don't make assumptions until you have fully verified the causes prior to posting possible Bugs. (With new versions many of us tend to make assumptions that waste others time) again my apologies.


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