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[FSUIPC6][P3Dv5] Problem loading LUA Scripts

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Hi gents,

I am using v5 and FSUIPC6 (registered) and trying to run my lua scripts.


Error in FSUIPC6.log:

   115578 -------------------- Starting everything now ----------------------
   115578 Starting WideServer now ...
   115625 LUA.0: beginning "C:\Users\peter\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\ipcReady.lua"
   115687 *** LUA Error: ...epar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua:51: module 'peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config' not found:
	no field package.preload['peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config']peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config.lua'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config\init.lua'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\lua\\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config.lua'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\lua\\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config\init.lua'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\lua\\peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX_config.dll'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\lua\loadall.dll'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\lua\.dll'
	no file 'P:\Prepar3D v5\modules\lua\loadall.dll'


I installed everthing into [USER]\Documents\Prepar3D v5\Add-ons\FSUIPC6\ and placed all .lua scripts here (as in v5 I would have placed them into [P3Dv4 ROOT]\Modules

Any ideas?


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