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E175 v. 3 sp1 drift to left when landing


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The title says it all.  When landing, regardless of wind direction, the plane drifts way to the left and begins to roll to the left 1 to 2 degrees.  It happens every landing.  Last flight, I waited to disengage the AP at 200 agl and, sure enough, I ended almost off the runway to the left a 1 degree roll to the left.

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Besides seeing if others report to reproduce for testing need:

* P3D FLT file just prior to reproducible situation

* Details on airport, plane settings (ie, autopilot states and exact settings)

* Exact settings programed into MCDU (disregard if can do this flying a pattern an using radios)

* Airport freq being used for ILS, etc 


Question: you have confirmed rudder trim is centered?  Confirmed that rudder peddles are calibrated and there is a correctly defined center/null setting? The yoke is is correctly centered with calibrated center/null?  Throttle levers applying equal thrust?


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The details on the plane are, the E175 (I haven't flown the E195 yet).  I am fully established on the localizer and glideslope.  Last time I flew, I disengaged AP at 200 agl.

It is reproducable at any airport, payware or default, regardless of wind speed and/or direction.

Exact settings in MCDU?  Not sure what you want here.  I program the MCDU per instructions in the tutorial flight.  I have been using these instructions for years ever since I purchased v. 2.  I am tuned to either the frequencies and headings in Navigraph charts or the old frequencies and settings of default P3D 4.5 airports.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "P3D FLT file."

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10 hours ago, bobterri6 said:

Exact settings in MCDU? 

Route, waypoints, which airports, landing runway, departure runway, altitude & speed settings for waypoints ... the exact programming so your exact situation can be reproduced _exactly_.


10 hours ago, bobterri6 said:

you mean by "P3D FLT file."

This is the data file that you have P3D create that shows your game's exact states.  Refer to the P3D manual and/or Google for how to create and where it is saved so you can ATTACH the file to your details post.


Have you found anyone else reporting this issue?  No similar reports have been posted here or received by feelThere.

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Check if the fuel quantity is the same or almost the same on both wing tanks. I noticed that a difference greater than 50kg (110lbs) on each tank causes these roll tendencies you mentioned when in manual flight. I did a flight and forgot to turn off the apu after engines start, when I turned off the AP there was a imabalance of 300kg (660lbs) and it was difficult to keep the aircraft with wings leveled (APU burned fuel of the right tank and there was a tendency of turning to the left)...something that must be corrected on the next SP, small imabalances won't cause controlability issues.

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