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p3d v4.5 and p3d v5.0 parallel installation problem

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I experience problems working with FSUIPC and Linda with my parallel install. 

FSUIPC in itself seem to be working fine as I can scan for my different axis and they are correctly identified. But when I start Linda (not the GUI but when through FSUIPC6.in the ipcReady.lua and the Linda.lua are started and I see the Simconnect message "Linda ready" appear, then FSUIPC6 is not responding anymore. If I try to Rescan for my axis it found nothing.

With a dual FSUIPC6 installation in the p3dv5 add-ons folder, both p3d v4 and p3d v5 display the same behavior.

I'm exchanging with Andrew the author of Linda but he is as puzzled as me as what can cause FSUIPC6 to not respond.

My question is; is there any way we can log a session to see at what point FSUIPC6 cease to respond ? Linda already use the logging facility of FSUIPC6 to describe the different steps and all seems normal in this log. What about a log of what FSUIPC6 is receiving that cause the wrongdoing ...

ps: we tested also the two separate FSUIPC6 installation (one for V4 and one for V5 by running twice the installer.... same issue but only on v5 while v4 worked. At least for my test yesterday).


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What version of FSUIPC6 are you using? Can you attach you .log file please.


P.S. It seems that this is an issue with LINDA that Andrew is investigating. There is a lot of logging that could be activated, but I'm not sure if this would be useful at this stage. Andrew will let me know if he needs any assistance with this. Make sure you are on the latest FSUIPC6 version though - 6.0.4.

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