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RunIf and P3Dv4.5/P3Dv5

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When I use  "RunIf1=CLOSE,D:\ASP3D\ASP3D.exe" in fsuipc5.ini for P3Dv4.5HF3 all goes well, upon firing up P3Dv4 ASP3D is launched, but when I use the same "RunIf1=CLOSE,D:\ASP3D\ASP3D.exe" in fsuipc6.ini for P3Dv5HF1 this command is skipped but all following RunIf's are being launched. Both fsuipc5/6.ini in P3Dv4 en P3Dv5 have an identical content. 

The log file states that FSUIPC couldn't run: "D:\AS_P3Dv4\AS_P3Dv4.exe" [Error=2]

Do you have any idea what might be going wrong and how to resolve this?

Thanks and stay safe,

Hans van Wijhe

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1 hour ago, hvw said:

I forgot to delete the fsuipc5.ini file from the Modules folder of P3D5HF1.

Glad its working for you, but deleting your FSUIPC5.ini file would have no affect on FSUIPC6, so I think your problem was elsewhere and this is just a coincidence.


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John, I had both a copy of fsuipc5.ini  and fsuipc6.ini in the modules folder of P3Dv5. As I "updated" fsuipc5.ini rather than fsuipc6.ini, in which still runif asp4 was included, I was just editing the wrong fsuipc.ini file. Yes, stupid of me I know. When I finally found this out I then edited the fsuipc6.ini file to spawn ASP3D instead of the previous AS version and then all went fine. I hope I made myself clearer now.


Stay safe,

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