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Serial linked PFC console & pedals adjustment


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Firstly, many thanks to Pete, and latterly to John, for all their work on FSUIPC over the years, especially FSUIPC7 for MSFS2020.  I have a cherished PFC console & pedals which are serial linked, so I am also grateful for PFC.DLL

My question concerns sensitivity adjustment of the flight controls.  I can access the PFC controls via the dropdown in FSUIPC7, but the sensitivity square does not contain a graph line.  The side slider is there and moves up and down with the mouse, but I cannot see what it is doing. I particularly need to adjust the sensitivity of the pedal controls, as the rapid reaction of the rudder makes light aircraft take off almost impossible.

Is there something I am missing?


Frank Jones (jonahbird)

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On 9/7/2020 at 8:13 AM, Frankiejonah said:

but the sensitivity square does not contain a graph line.

Hmm. This has been reported twice before on other versions of FSUIPC, and in both cases we could not determine why this happens, as the slope display is using standard windows API calls. Its maybe be related to a driver issue, but can't be sure. I'm afraid I don't think there's much I can do about this. See 


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On 9/8/2020 at 8:06 AM, Frankiejonah said:

Does the slider indicate the change?  For example, if fully up would that make the control less or more sensitive?

Fully up, with a slope value of -15 is more sensitive around the center point, and fully down with a slope value of +15 is less sensitive around the center point and more sensitive around the extremes. I'll post some pictures of the slope curves with the different values when I get a chance.

Btw, which PFC driver are you using? If its the PFCcom one then you should calibrate in the driver UI and not assign/calibrate in FSUIPC.

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