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ILS localiser inverse runway heading

Enrico Schiratti

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Just as a heads-up: please be cautions when assigning a LOC course in any way to a RWY bearing. There are many airports that have LOC offset courses in the magnitude of up to 30° and more. Be also aware that as per ARINC definition a LOC course is defined to be TRUE as well as the RWY bearing, because those are fixed ground installations. Adding variation is only necessary in the last instance before using it in the A/C...

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Hi Enrico,

sorry for the delay with this one...

On 9/12/2020 at 6:21 PM, Enrico Schiratti said:

Just as a note, offset 0x870 behaves differently from its predecessor sims. 

To make it work as before, I have to subtract the magnetic variation. It could be an incorrectly interpreted SimConnect variable error. 

Could you try the attached version please v7.0.4e. In this version, you can add a new ini parameter to the [General] section:

When this is present, the magnetic variation (from offsets 0x0C40 and 0x0C42) will be added to the Nav1/2 values in offsets 0x0870 and 0x0844 (whenever either is received).



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