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stream deck .)


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It sounds possible to create a .net application using the library you found and my FSUIPC dll for .NET. I don't have a stream deck however so I can't really help with that aspect.

If you haven't seen this, there is currently an active thread in the main FSUIPC forum about using the stream deck with FSUIPC without programming. 



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Thanks ... I have not seen the other thread.

I think a plugin will be superior because it could show buttons depending on state of the airplane .. but I agree that this will probably be much work .)


btw if you want to test it before eventually buying .. there is an official iOS  and Android app that allow to use your mobile phone as a stream deck.

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I have created a small proof of concept plugin that only has a gear button.

It shows the current state ( inactive (static gear) / up / moving / down ) in the screen and toggles gear on press.

there is a small caption: https://imgur.com/a/aUZ3Jl9

It's a bit hacky but I plan to make it open source and hope some guys will help with it 🙂


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@W4rl0ck Yes, it is possible - I programmed a prototype myself months ago (but on hold since then).

Have you already tried multiple Buttons/Controls? Are you using ReadLVar / SendControlToFS Functions for the interaction?
I'm asking because my prototype had issues when multiple buttons where assigned (e.g. Lights, TCAS, APU). Maybe some kind threading-issue with the library I used (StreamDeckLib).

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I use TouchOSC for a similar project. B737 MIP and AP is already implemented half way. Interface between TouchOSC is a .net application with Paul's DLL. TouchOSC provides many different controls for the UI. Running on both IOS and Adroid. The required app for the tablet costs less than 5,- EUR.


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I have two buttons working, the landing gear and a pause button. Last week a family member had an accident so I can currently not continue working on this little project. I plan to continue on it later.

I'm using a great library for stream deck https://github.com/BarRaider/streamdeck-tools which also has a project template. It directly creates streamdeck plugins when build.

I uploaded my current codebase at https://github.com/bastianh/de.dafire.fsuipc in case someone wants to look at it... it's quite simple to work with both libraries even through I have no experience in c# and had to look up lots of stuff .) 

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