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I'm using a switch.

What am i doing wrong (probably the mask declaration?)

449=B0D0C&1=1 PH,19,C1126,0  -{}-                                                    
450=B0D0C&1=0 PH,19,C66239,1  -{TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS }-                                                    
451=B0D0C&1=0 UH,19,C1126,0  -{}-                                                    
452=B0D0C&1=1 UH,19,C66239,1  -{TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS }-   

like this it doesn't works.


the manual reports:

Lights, a switch for each one (bits from lo to hi):
0 Navigation
1 Beacon
2 Landing



Thanks for any suggestion.


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0D0C is 2 bytes, so you need 4 hex digits for the mask. Also, Beacon is the 2nd bit in the first byte, so the offset condition would be ...W0D0C&0002=0 and ...W0D0C&0002!0... (or just ...W0D0C&0002...)
You can (probably) use as a byte, by using ....B0D0C&02=0 and ...B0D0C&02

Btw, you should delete lines 449 and 451. Looks like these were assigned to controls that no longer exist. 


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By the way, it seems pretty pointless using the offset condition on a toggle control on the same button. If the bit is set, it will send the toggle using one assignment, and if it's not set, it will send the same toggle control using the other assignment. So the same toggle control gets sent either way. Its the same as only having one assignment with no offset condition! 

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I tried with both configurations (W and B), just the two lines  but it doesn't work!

450=W0D0C&0002=0 PH,19,C66239,1  -{TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS }-                                                    
451=W0D0C&0002=1 UH,19,C66239,1  -{TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS }-

starting conditions:

- beacon on in fs2020

- beacon switch of my cockpit off


then i operate the switch -- ON and OFF, here it's the log file


in the opposite condition:

- beacon off in fs2020

- beacon switch of my cockpit ON


then i operate the switch -- OFF and ON, here it's the log file


and it's ok, but if i operate the switch to OFF it remains ON...





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Yes, bit values are 1,2,4,8,etc, so best to always use =0 and !0 for testing them.

11 hours ago, codatcri said:

john is there a simplier way to do it?

I just want that where there is only the toggle control instead of a ON&OFF choice, to find a way to syncronize the status of my switch with the one of fs2020.

No, this is the right way to set up a switch to be properly synchronised.

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