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Which simulator is detected as 11?

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For a project where I need to connect to various simulators I am working on a .Net connector, and just for completeness I would like to know which sim is detected as "11"

        public const int SIM_ANY = 0;
        public const int SIM_FS98 = 1;
        public const int SIM_FS2K = 2;
        public const int SIM_CFS2 = 3;
        public const int SIM_CFS1 = 4;
        public const int SIM_FLY = 5;
        public const int SIM_FS2K2 = 6;
        public const int SIM_FS2K4 = 7;
        public const int SIM_FSX = 8;
        public const int SIM_ESP = 9;
        public const int SIM_P3D = 10;
        public const int SIM_Unknown = 11;
        public const int SIM_P3D64 = 12;
        public const int SIM_FS2020 = 13;

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2 hours ago, pellelil said:

public const int SIM_Unknown = 11;

It was reserved for a presumed 64-bit version of FSX which looked like being on the cards at one time -- but that was the aborted FSW which turned out to be anything but an FS development in any case.

I suppose we could have used that slot for MSFS,  which really shouldn't really be known as FS2020 (and isn't called that), as MS intend for it to be developed over more than the one year or so FSW95, FS2000, FS2002,  FS2004 and, really, FSX (FS2006?) were, prior to FSX-SE.



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