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What is the technique to send multiple controls when a button is pressed?

If it is documented in one of the supplied manuals, please advise the manual name and page number.




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First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum, where it states : Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.. NOT for support requests.. Please post in the correct forum.

5 hours ago, allan.kidd@optusnet.com.au said:

What is the technique to send multiple controls when a button is pressed?

There are two ways of doing this:
  - using Macros: see the Advanced User manual
  - by editing the ini. To do this, assign your first action.  Then open the .ini file and located the entry for that action and copy it.
    Then, back in FSUIPC, change the assignment to your second control. Then, back to the ini and paste back in the line you copied from the first action, and change the first (index) number to the next free one (usually increment by 1) to make it unique.

When editing the ini, you can do this with P3D/FSUIPC running, but need to use the 'reload all buttons' function to reload your assignments once changed..

Also, not that one you have overloaded assignments, when you look at the assignments in the ui panel you will only see one of these and it will be grayed out.


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